Every life is a story worth telling.

NOWN (n): people, places, and their environments shown in brief, raw snapshots. At NOWN, we create and share collections of video stories that examine various aspects of society and culture that are often under-seen or misrepresented.


Anything Helps - Trailer

We drive by them everyday. They're our most visible but least known neighbors. Homeless people are, as Ben puts it in his interview, "stereotyped". Chris put it another way, "They should not look at us as...'that person's ignorant. That person's not smart. that person's a bum'..." 

This series takes a look into the daily lives of 5 people living on the streets in Austin, TX, in order to get a sense of what it's like to be them. Who are they? Where did they come from? What led them down the path to homelessness? And how do they feel they are perceived by their neighbors, their fellow Austinites? Their answers, as their experiences, vary widely and are often surprising.

This is an introduction to people we normally see out the car window at 60 mph. They're standing still while we fly by. Take 5 minutes to get out of the car and sit down with them to hear their stories. 

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